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Semi-interactive modular show for kids - WORK IN PROGRESS

 Are you looking for incredible adventures in far and near space? If so, we are making  "LEO: the great space race" right for you!

 Fulldome shows are created for hemispherical screen,  such as in planetariums.  Such type of screen let you be right inside of action and see what happens all around you like in VR headset.

LEO is a modular show. What does it mean?

We dream of creating a flexible show that planetarium will be able to configure according to its needs. ​

We'll create story modules, which are short stories, and "service" modules which will allow creating the longer storyline.

With Ukrainian Cultural Foundation support, we created the scripts and all director documentation for six modules (four story modules and two service modules).

​At the moment, we are working on two modules:

  • Start (service module);

  • Far from the Sun (story module).

The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation supported the production of these modules as well.

​Our goal is to promote astronomy. That is why we create extra goodies that can be useful to young astronomy lovers, their parents and teachers. We have puzzles, posters, poems, videos, presentations etc.


At the moment our goodies are in Ukrainian, but we are working on other translations.

Additional information can be found on the project website.


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